European Money Week

Published on 15-12-2014 by admin

Raising awareness on financial education and literacy

Raising awareness
on financial education
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The first-ever European Money Week is scheduled for 9-13 March 2015.

The aim of European Money Week is to raise public awareness on financial education and financial literacy through a series of events both at national and European levels. Ultimately, the objective is to improve the level of financial education in Europe, in particular for students at elementary and secondary schools.

European Money Week is an initiative of the European Banking Federation together with national banking associations from across Europe. In many countries the national banking associations are, directly or indirectly, actively involved with their own financial education projects. The European Money Week project is coordinated through the Financial Education Project Group at the EBF.

The European Money Week website presents an overview of the state of financial education in European countries, together with good practices, in particular from those countries that have agreed to actively participate in EMW2015. Exchanging ideas and information about good practices can provide inspiration for anyone in Europe who is, directly or indirectly, involved in financial education.

On this website you will also find an overview of all the activities that will take place during European Money Week.