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Key actors in financial education and financial literacy


There does not yet exist a national financial literacy strategy in Switzerland.
The governmental organisation for Children and Youth affairs (EKKJ) also deals with the issue financial education for children, e.g. with conferences and reports.

Swiss banks

Some members of the Swiss Bankers Association offer courses to gain background knowledge in real estate, retirement arrangements, investment and other economy topics. Several banks also give financial support to financial education programs while some banks created websites with comprehensive financial literacy information for different target groups such as youth, students and adults. In addition, various member banks offer financial literacy information linked with information on financial products.

Other actors

There are a number of key financial education charities operating in Switzerland. A few examples have been outlined below.
1) Budgetberatung.ch: budgetberatung.ch is a roof association of non-profit budgeting advice agencies.

2) Ernst Schmidheiny Stiftung (ESST): ESST provides economic and financial education for schools.

3) Pro Juventute: Pro Juventute is Switzerland’s leading financial education charity for children up to the age of 12 (target groups: teachers and parents).

4) Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES): YES provides economic and financial education for schools.

Example of good practice:

The Swiss National Bank’s “Iconomix” is a comprehensive teacher-friendly programme with nation-wide awareness. This web-based tool is used in the teaching of economics, primarily intended for use by teachers of economics and humanities at upper secondary schools. It offers a range of teaching units that can be either downloaded or ordered.

Financial education part of curriculum? Yes
PISA financial literacy ranking (OECD, 2012): did not take part