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D’Woch vun de Suen

Luxembourg Garden(Jardin du Luxembourg) in Paris, France

Key actors in financial education and financial literacy


The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integretation and the Great Region and the Ministry of Finance support actively ‘D’Woch vun de Suen’ (Money Week, Luxembourg). The banking supervision authority ‘Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier’ (CSSF) created a Financial Education Working Group bringing together the main concerned stakeholders from the public and private sector, NGOs as well as the Luxembourgish Consumer Protection Association. This Working Group has finalized a document on the national strategy for financial education in Luxembourg in July 2015, which has been submitted to the Governement in September 2015.

The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association, it’s foundation, members & partners

The “Fondation ABBL pour l’éducation financière” was founded in December 2016. Its purpose lies in supporting and promoting Financial education through the organisation of events, trainings in the field of finance and university courses via the University of Luxembourg.
The “D’Woch vun de Suen” (Money Week), organised by the ABBL for the last 3 years, will benefit from financial support in order to develop educational tools.
The second project supported by the Fondation is a research project led by the University of Luxembourg on the theme “Know Your Customer” in relation to Distributed Ledger Technology opportunities. The project aims at allowing actors of the Financial Center to rely on effective methods in order to identify clients.

The ABBL Members

Many ABBL members offer financial education programmes, initiatives and publications addressed to pupils, high school students as well as university students.

Money Week – D’Woch vun de Suen

The purpose of this event is to make pupils of the cycle 4.1 (Luxembourg primary school, children aged 10-12) aware of ‘money’ aspects.
This year, the pedagogical material will be an educational game called “Eurodéo de la Conso”.
This game has been designed by educators as part of the INTERREG cross-border cooperation. The objective of this game is to enhance critical thinking of children regarding the use of money. It allows them, among other things, to distinguish between real wants and needs and to make choices based on their priorities and budgets.
mascotte SLOGAN
This game is proposed independently or as additional option in the classrooms by the Service d’Information et de Conseil en matière de Surendettement (SICS) of Inter-Actions.
Subjects covered: expenses, needs, desires, savings, unexpected bills, money management

The discussions following each “Eurodéo” game will be focused on the children’s experiences throughout the class:
  • What was the child’s individual strategy? Prioritizing savings or expenses?
  • Are they conscious of unexpected financial requirements?
  • Are they easily tempted?

Other activities offered during the “D’Woch vun de Suen”

Visit of the Bank Museum of the BCEE and workshops
Visit of the Luxembourg Central Bank and different activities ABBL’s website dedicated to financial education available in French, German and English.

Other actors

The Luxembourgish Consumer protection Association (Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs), the ‘Ligue Médico-Sociale’, Inter-Actions and Caritas Luxembourg, propose information and advice services on indebtedness. These charities are also members of the CSSF Financial Education working group.


Jonk Entrepreneuren (Luxembourgish section of Junior Achievement Worldwide): the aim of this association is to promote creativity among young people and to introduce them to the professional world. Their programme ‘Fit for Life’ offers a module on how to manage a budget.

The Chamber of Commerce

The Luxembourg economy – Did you know ?
If you are a secondary school teacher and your students would like to get to know more about the Luxembourg economy, this workshop is just right for you ! The experts of the Economic Affairs team of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce would be delighted to give them a better understanding of what the Luxembourg economy has to offer :
  • Luxembourg is a true metamorphosis champion : starting out as an agrarian economy, the country quickly turned into a global industrial player to become a highly dynamic and innovative services economy.
  • At the very heart of Europe and packed with innovative surprises, Luxembourg is one of the most open economies in the world and an attractive business location.
  • Where is the Luxembourg economy heading and what is it aiming at ? What challenges is it facing ?
  • All these questions and ideas will be addressed within 90 minutes, interactivity being provided through an open quiz.
    Interested teachers can get in touch with the « Relation Ecole-Entreprise » team of the Chamber of Commerce :

L’atelier macroéconomique de la Chambre de Commerce.pdf

Example of good practice

ABBL members are involved in the organisation of the Luxembourgish Money Week. It notably takes part in a certified training program aimed at preparing teachers to explain to young people on how to manage money in a responsible way.
Read more about the signature of the “D’Woch vun de Suen” Charter.

Strategy on Financial Education (FR)

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