1st Financial Education Innovation Camp

Published on 05-04-2017 by Francesco Indaco

#FEIC helps young people to develop positive financial behaviour and habits

I Financial Education Innovation Camp
Financial Education Innovation Camp helps young people to develop positive financial behaviors and habits
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As a new feature, during the EMW 2017, the Spanish Banking Association organised the first Financial Education Innovation Camp with the collaboration of Junior Achievement Spain, acknowledging that it is crucial that children not only understand the theory, but also develop positive behaviour and habits.
This Innovation Camp got together 70 secondary school students (aged 14-16) in order to develop apps that contribute to fostering good financial behaviour among young people. These 70 students worked in 12 different teams with the support of 11 volunteers (bank employees) who helped them throughout the day to develop the app´s project.
During the first day (21st March) the 70 students participated in a workshop learning how to develop apps, how to make an effective presentation as well as refreshing some of the financial education concepts they all learned with our financial education programme “Your finances, your future”.
During the European Money Week 2017 (28th March) the six finalist teams presented their work in front of a jury (Bank CEOs and Heads of innovation). While the jury was deliberating, the rest of the audience attended a master class on communication skills “You don´t know yet, but you want to buy my app!”. The winning team “Pay&eat” developed an app which helps young people to keep control of their spending when going out for lunch or dinner with friends.
This Innovation Camp was followed extensively by social media via Twitter (@EdufinAEB and some other profiles).