How do you manage your money?

Published on 03-03-2015 by admin

What do kids in Europe have to say about money?

European Money Week 2015
How do you manage your money?
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Listen to what kids in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Denmark have to say about money.

How do you manage your money? What is a bank? Where does money come from? How does finance affect your future?

Children and young people from across Europe take a shot at answering these important questions in this European Money Week video.

European Money Week seeks to promote financial education and literacy. This video was produced by Fondazione per l’Educazione Finanziaria e al Risparmio in Italy, with support from the banking associations in Luxembourg, Denmark and Portugal, and children at various schools in these countries. The parents and schools of all the children in this video have given permission for use of this video for the purpose of European Money Week.