Greek TV special ‘closes’ 2016 European Money Week

Published on 23-03-2016 by admin

Greek TV special ‘closes’ 2016 European Money Week

Public television in Greece, on Saturday 19 March, informally closed European Money Week with a special one-hour live debate about the importance of financial education. The programme was produced by the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA).

The President of the HBA, Mrs Louka Katseli, and the Secretary General, Prof. Christos Gortsos, explained what the European Money Week is about and had the opportunity for one hour to discuss with two journalists and three university students the need for citizens’ financial education using, among others, specific examples of misconceptions that should be alleviated.

The link of the broadcast is . The broadcast is in Greek but you can see “Money Week” and its translation in the national language on the lower part of the screen, while in the first two minutes you can hear the reference of the speakers to “European Money Week”.

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