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Acropolis as seen from Filopappou Hill, Athens.

European Money Week activities in Greece

For EMW 2017, HBI/HBA organizes financial education events in high schools.

Specifically, in the framework of JA Greece Program ‘Banks in Action’, volunteers from HBA member banks teach students the fundamentals of banking. See for more.

The lessons will run throughout 27 to 31 March 2017.

Key actors in financial education and financial literacy


Hellenic Bank Association & members

The Hellenic Bank Association acknowledges the importance of financial education and the need to help individuals to improve their financial behaviour, especially in the light of the recent financial crisis. It believes that the financial services sector by its nature is a key stakeholder in all the levels of financial education, from policy-making and strategy elaboration to specific actions’ implementation and impact assessment.

For more details:

In this context the HBA (through its Hellenic Banking Institute-HBI): as a member of Junior Achievement Greece actively supports the programme “Banks in Action” implemented in Greek high-schools (see below); as a member of EBTN (European Banking & Financial Services Association) and EBF follows developments in the financial education field and participates in related projects; as an affiliate member to OECD’s International Network for Financial Education (INFE) participates regularly to OECD-INFE activities, such as dedicated sessions, consultations and events.

It is worth noting that most of the HBA members have developed/embraced financial education initiatives of various kinds, mainly aimed at primary and secondary school students.

Example of good practice

The HBA is a member of Junior Achievement (JA) Greece since 2007 and the gold sponsor of the programme ‘Banks in Action’ for high-school students.

The programme addresses 15 to 18 year old students and consists of eight hourly sessions delivered by volunteers from HBA member banks who are trained jointly by HBI and JA Greece. Since 2012 the HBI, in close cooperation with JA Greece and experienced volunteers, has implemented the following activities:

– Localization of the Greek translation of the programme’s supporting material.

– Elaboration of information material (printed and electronic leaflets) for schools and potential volunteers.

– Elaboration of assessment tools (questionnaires for students, teachers and volunteers assessing the implementation of the programme; short test for students taken at the beginning and after the end of the programme assessing their level of basic banking knowledge).

– On-going actions to enlarge the pool of volunteers from HBA member banks and the HBI team of trainers.

In recent years the HBA undertook the cost of printing the programme’s supporting material for its implementation in schools that could not afford the cost.

More information

Financial education part of curriculum? No

PISA financial literacy ranking (OECD, 2012): Did not take part