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Les clés de la banque, My bank and I, Dilemme Junior

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Key actors in financial education and financial literacy 


The Ministry for National Education designed a ‘common core of knowledge and skills’ in 2006 including primary legal
(e.g.: what is a contract) notions and help for budget management. It has also developed high school programmes on financial education (e.g. what is a bank for?) and consumer’s education. It also established partnerships with stakeholders involved in financial education.
The French Central Bank’s has been designated as the main operator of the national financial education strategy. The first step is to propose a web portal regrouping all the contents and initiatives in the field of financial education of the various actors in France.
The Department for Education is thinking about including more financial education in the curriculum.
The French Banking Federation (FBF) initiated ‘Les clés de la banque’ a free, unbranded and non-commercial project including a website (around 5 million visitors for 2016), some 80 booklets e.g. “How to manage your budget ?” simple and pedagogic contents in order to be understood by everyone, quiz to test his financial knowledge, educational videos upon financial issues and training for social workers adults.


It also developed tools designed specifically for youth such as educationalmaterials for teachers in high school) in line  with curricula and an educational workshop to raise young adults awareness on financial behaviour when they get their first salary. Some FBF’s members have a number on financial education and financial capability programmes in operation, targeting at different groups of the population. Some of them work directly with financial education charities or have their own one(fondation Cetelem, Finances et pédagogie…).
In 2015, the FBF notably launched a website ‘J’invite un banquier dans ma classe’. It serves as a platform for the project of visits of bankers in classrooms. Based on a board game, ‘I invite a banker in my class’ is a pilot operation that takes place in the context of the European Money Week. Over 200 sessions took place in 2 years. As the reactions of teachers, students, parents, journalists and bankers are still positive, this project is renewed in 2017 with the goal of 300 sessions this year.

Un banquier dans ma classe


Other actors

CRESUS designed a game for education budget ‘Dilemme Junior’ available on IOS and Android. It is aimed at helping 5 to 8 years old children manage budget for a birthday party.
The Financial public education Institute was created in 2006. It aims to give financial education through website, books to buy, quiz and learning sessions, training, conferences. It tries to reach different audiences like youth, services consumer, teachers, school children, consumer associations…

Examples of good practice

105 committees (regional bankers) lead partnerships or/and interact with local stakeholders involved in financial education:
‘Bank, my bank and I’ which is a teaching program in school, partnership agreements
Partnerships with some other bodies or initiatives, e.g. schools of second chance workshop including a game for over 1 000 NEET young people.

Financial education part of curriculum? No
PISA financial literacy ranking (OECD, 2012): 9th