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#EMW17 Event Details – Week 27-31/3/2017


1) The financial education program “More than Money’ is running during the EMW week in two primary schools. The implementation of the program started in the mid of February and ends on 31 March 2017, in a total of 8 primary schools (around 450 students). The program is being implemented in cooperation with JA Cyprus and the Ministry of Education, and aims at familiarizing students of the 6th grade with basic economic and financial concepts.
2) 28-29 March 2017 – Publication of Press Announcement concerning the success of the 2017 educational program in the schools both in websites and newspapers.
3) Monday 27/3/2017 and Tuesday 28/3/2017 – Radio channel interviews by representatives of the Association of Cyprus Banks (ACB) concerning the financial educational program.
4) Friday 31/3/2017 – The Communication Officer of the Association of Cyprus Banks (ACB) and the Executive Director of JA Cyprus will participate in a local TV channel and talk about the concept of financial education and the activities promoted this year.
 5) Sunday 2/4/2017 – Publication of an article prepared by the ACB in Cyprus most circulated newspaper, regarding the concept of financial education and its benefits to the economy and society in general.

Key actors in financial education and financial literacy


The Ministry of Education and Culture in cooperation with the Association and JA Cyprus are promoting a primary school program which aims to educate students on basic economic and financial concepts. Financial education is currently not a compulsory part of the school national curriculum.

Association of Cyprus Banks & members

A new educational program was launched in February 2016, following the initiative of the Association of Cyprus Banks. The Programme, named “More than Money”, runs in primary schools in partnership with Junior Achievement Cyprus (JA Cyprus). The program has been piloted in five primary schools across Cyprus, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture and with the financial support of the member banks of the Association of Cyprus Banks.
“More than Money” aims at familiarising 12-year old primary school students with concepts related to money management, such as income, expenses and savings; thus, enabling them to better understand the role of money in their lives and to explore their job skills and the types of professions that interest them. Through the Programme activities, students will acquire decision-making skills and learn to manage their money as individual consumers and through a business model. The Programme is incorporated in the primary school module on health education. Volunteer bankers are acting as teachers-mentors of the program with the support of school class educators. The program targets the overall education of 200 primary school students.
The first year of the program runs on a pilot basis, and the goal is its expansion into more schools (both public and private) over the next two years.

Other actors

The Association is developing a special section on its website for financial education, which will target both adults and young children. The section aims to provide basic educational knowledge on banking and financial concepts and policies.

Example of good practice

Member banks and the Association are involved in the running of the 3-year (2016-2018) financial program “More than money”.

Financial education part of curriculum? No
PISA financial education ranking (OECD, 2012): Did not take part