Another great European Money Week!

Published on 03-04-2017 by admin
Another great week!
Momentum continues to build
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A warm thank you to all who have been so passionately involved. Keep up the great work!
From Oslo to Lisbon. From Dublin to Bucharest. From Belgrade to Helsinki. Thousands of kids, students, teachers, parents, bankers, supervisors and others in more than 30 European countries took part last week in one or more activities related to European Money Week.
Unlike previous years it has become difficult to keep track on the exact numbers. In 2016 more than 350.000 young people in 32 countriues were reached with national financial education activities in the context of European Money Week. We do not yet have the estimate yet for this year, but it is clear that European Money Week is building momentum.
The need for better financial education is increasingly recognized. To achieve a real increase in financial literacy across Europe more needs to be done. Studies repeatedly demonstrate that most people lack the proper knowledge to make important financial decisions. Especially women and young people are vulnerable.
Financial choices that our younger generations need to make are far more challenging that those faced by past generations.  What’s more, people will live longer, making it even harder for pension systems to deliver on their ambitions. If we want everybody to secure a sound financial future, financial planning is required at a much earlier stage in their lives.
Financial literacy has become an essential life skill for the 21st century, crucial to living and thriving in the modern economy. Financial education can equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed choices.
Looking ahead to next year, we plan to take European Money Week to the next level with some great new ideas. More about that later. The dates have already been set: Monday 12 March to Sunday 18 March.
So save the date! We already look forward to working with you on the next European Money Week.